J4H | Justice 4 Hank Skinner

Podcast: Maggie Freleng with Hank Skinner

On New Year’s Eve 1993 in Pampa, TX., Hank Skinner fell asleep early on his couch after being rendered comatose from a cocktail of vodka, Xanax, and codeine. His girlfriend at the time, Twila Busby, left for a party, and when she returned, she and her two sons were bludgeoned and stabbed to death. Law enforcement knew Hank from his work in civil rights and he soon became a suspect. Despite clear evidence that Hank was incapacitated at the time of the killings and therefore incapable of committing these murders, Hank was convicted and sentenced to death in 1995. Maggie speaks to Hank Skinner, Rob Owen Esq. Hank’s attorney, and Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner his wife.

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