J4H | Justice 4 Hank Skinner

Get Involved

You speak several languages?You speak several languages?

  • Give a little bit of your time to translate information about Hank’s case and urgent alerts (Contact us by email)

You are a journalist? You are a journalist? 

  • Write an article about Hank’s case and the death penalty in Texas (Visit your dedicated Press Corner)

You are a blogger?You are a blogger?

  • Share information about Hank’s case and add the relevant links on your blog

You have talent?You have talent: you are a singer, actor, painter, sculptor or a performer?

  • Use your contacts to organize a show to the benefit of Hank’s Defense Fund
  • With other artists, donate a piece of your work to set up an auction to raise funds

You have time?You have time?

  • Share information about Hank and his case to engage others

You have a specific network?You have a specific network through your work or hobbies?

Official non-profit organization in support of Hank Skinner