News about Hank

Hank is currently experiencing major health problems

As some of you probably already know, Hank is currently experiencing major health problems. He spent most of December in the hospital and was recently transferred to a medical unit for an undetermined amount of time. News about Hank

If you haven’t heard from him lately, it’s not because he’s ignoring you, but because he’s not able to respond.

The tablets were distributed to death row a few days after he was hospitalized, therefore he is unable to receive the online messages that have been sent to him in recent weeks.

The prison does not forward postal mail during transfer periods. If you have any messages, please send them to us and we will forward them to him as soon as possible.

Please be assured that he greatly appreciates your support and hopes to be able to write to you very soon.

We all hope that 2023 will finally bring him some justice and peace.

We wish you all an excellent New Year with our grateful thanks for your support and encouragement.

News about Hank