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Texas Inmate Defies Death As Evidence of Innocence Mounts – David Protess for the Huffington Post – September 10, 2013
Skinner Defense: New DNA Testing Suggests His Innocence – The Austin Chronicle – September 6, 2013
State Backs DNA Testing for Hank Skinner – Brandi Grissom for the Texas Tribune – June 1, 2012
Judges Question State’s Efforts to Stymie DNA Tests by Brandi Grisson, Texas Tribune – May 2, 2012
CCA Considers Hank Skinner’s Death-Case DNA Appeal by Jordan Smith, Austin Chronicle – May 2, 2012
Texas Lawman to High Court: DNA Testing “Frivolous” in Death Penalty Case – David Protess for the Huffington Post – April 5, 2012
Officials urge Perry to halt Skinner execution by Brandi Grissom – Texas Tribune – October 27, 2011 + Elected officials letter to Governor Perry
Skinner lawyer: DNA decision likely up to state court by Brandi Grissom – Texas Tribune – October 24, 2011
Texas death row inmate wants access to untested evidence by Ariane de Vogue – ABC News Legal – October 24, 2011
Will Rick Perry kill another innocent man? by Mary Shaw – The People Voice – October 23, 2011
Skinner looks to federal court for hope by Bobby Cervantes – Amarillo Globe News – October 22, 2011
Hank Skinner, unjustly sentenced to death by Stephen Lendman for OpEd News – October 20, 2011
Hank Skinner Execution less than a month away by Radley Balko for the Agitator – October 10, 2011
Next verse, same as the first by Jeff Gamso – Gamso for the Defense – October 6, 2011
Texas to condemned man: Execution First, DNA Later by David Protess for Huffington Post – October 4, 2011
In Texas, a rush to execute – Editorial by the Washington Post – September 10, 2011
Skinner requests DNA tests – News Channel 10 – September 8, 2011
Press release from the legal team – September 6, 2011
Texas Again Sets Skinner Execution Date – Brandi Grissom for the Texas Tribune – August 16, 2011
DNA and Death Row – Editorial – The Los Angeles Times – March 10, 2011
Is the Supreme Court going “soft on crime” by Judge H. Lee Sarokin for the Huffington Post – March 9, 2011
Skinner wins with Supremes by Jordan Smith for the Austin Chronicle – March 9, 2011
The U.S. Supreme Court and the right to test DNA samples by Michael Lindenberger for Time – March 9, 2011
Win for death penalty advocates – Editorial – The Austin American Statesman – March 8, 2011
Supreme Court rules in favor of Medill Innocence Project inmate by Nick Castele for the Purple Line – March 8, 2011
DNA and the truth – Editorial – The Chicago Tribune – March 7, 2011
Supreme Court keeps Hank Skinner alive, again by Brandi Grissom for the Texas Tribune – March 7, 2011
Supreme Court allows suit to force DNA testing of evidence by Adam Liptak for the New York Times – March 7, 2011
Supreme Court allows State prisoners to seek DNA evidence through US Civil Rights law – Debra Cassens Weiss for the ABA Journal – March 7, 2011
High Court Ruling on DNA tests is a lifeline for inmates – The Washington Post – March 7, 2011
A limited DNA access plea allowed by Lyle Dennison for ScotusBlog – March 7, 2011
Supreme Court confronts conflicting laws on post-conviction DNA testing by Roger Barnes – the Washington Post – February 13, 2010
Innocence almost impossible to prove by Gloria Rubac – Workers World – October 20, 2010
Texas wants to execute a man without examining all the evidence – Editorial – The Washington Post – October 19, 2010
Death, DNA and the Supreme Court – Editorial – The New York Times – October 17, 2010
Texas Officials continue cover up of one possible wrongful execution; fight to proceed with another by Radley Balko – Reason Magazine – October 15, 2010
High Court weighs death row inmate’s DNA query by Adam Liptak, the New York Times – October 13, 2010
Is DNA testing a federal civil right? by Alex Johnson, Medill Innocence Project – October 13, 2010
Test all DNA in Skinner case – Editorial – The Dallas Morning News – October 12, 2010
Special Feature: Texas Death Row DNA Case by Mary Fischer for ScotusBlog – October 11, 12 & 13, 2010
Hank Skinner Death Penalty Case: Texas Jurors Reconsider Verdict by Medill Innocence Project for Politics Daily – June 10, 2010
Why all crime-scene evidence should be DNA tested by Radley Balko for Slate Magazine – June 8, 2010
Capital Punishment Clinic Heads Back to Supreme Court For Fourth Time in Four Years by UT News – May 27, 2010
Getting facts straight in Texas murder case – Editorial Fort Worth Star Telegram – May 26, 2010
Justice Delayed by Brandi Grissom for Texas Tribune – May 25, 2010
In Death-Penalty Cases, Actual Innocence Has to Matter by Adam Cohen for the Time – May 25, 2010
Supreme Court to review case of Texas death row inmate who wants DNA testing by AP – May 24, 2010
“Last chance to prove my innocence,” Skinner tells Medill student-reporters – May 2, 2010
Will the State of Texas execute an innocent man? by Steve Weinberg for True Slant – March 23, 2010
Paris plea for US man on death row by Mark Rodden for RFI – March 23, 2010
Hold up Skinner execution for DNA tests – Editorial Dallas Morning News – March 22, 2010
Testing Phobia: Texas set to execute another innocent man by David Lindorff for OpEd News – March 22, 2010
Death Row Inmate entitled to delay for DNA testing – Editorial Austin American Statesman – March 22, 2010
Texas and Gov. Perry apparently indifferent to the execution of a possibly innocent man by Judge H. Lee Sarokin – the Huffington Post – March 20, 2010
Isn’t a man’s life worth an extra 30 days? by Bobby Ray Sanders for the Fort Worth Star Telegram – March 20, 2010
The Secret Pardon by Brandi Grissom – Texas Tribune – March 19, 2010
Press Release by Witness to Innocence and the Journey of Hope, from Violence to Healing – March 19, 2010
It’s best to test – Editorial – The Houston Chronicle – March 19, 2010
Chromosomal Laboratories Offers pro bono DNA testing to help stay an execution – March 17, 2010
DNA testing would resolve doubt in convicted killer’s guilt by Matthew Wright for the Amarillo Globe News – March 14, 2010
Ellis, Scheck and Session: Trusting science in life and death for the Dallas Morning News – March 12, 2010
Death row case evidence may never be tested by Jordan Smith for the Austin Chronicle – March 12, 2010
DNA testing works, but not if we fail to utilize it by Sam Milsap for the Houston Chronicle – March 9, 2010
Three cases illustrate how tactics trump truth, Dallas Morning News Editorial – February 26, 2010
Abolish death penalty, stop killing innocent by the Daily Toreador – February 25, 2010
The State of Texas: third-world justice by the Atlantic Online – February 25, 2010
Is Texas about to execute another innocent man? by Radley Balko for Reason Magazine – February 22, 2010
Will Texas soon execute another innocent man? Our reporting challenges verdict as clock ticks by David Protess, Medill Innocence Project – February 18, 2010
Skinner execution postponed by Brandi Grissom for the Texas Tribune – February 17, 2010
Thwarting Justice by Denying DNA Testing – Judge Lee Sarokin, Huffington Post – February 10, 2010
On the records: Case Open, File Closed – Brandi Grissom, Texas Tribune – February 9, 2010
Case Open: the investigation by Brandi Grissom – Texas Tribune – January 29, 2010
Case Open by Brandi Grissom – Texas Tribune – January 28, 2010

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