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News – January 6, 2018

It seems that time has flown by while Hank’s appeal on the interpretation of the results of the DNA tests is still pending. It was filed in November 2014, almost three years ago. This was not due to the legal process itself but rather to an important recommendation of the FBI to base the calculation of results of tests done on mixed DNA profiles on a new formula. Apparently too many false positive results occurred over the past years. So it meant that forensic labs had to create a new software and then train their technicians to use it properly.

What the DNA results tell us is that:

  1. Hank’s DNA and/or blood is never mixed with the victims’
  2. A partial DNA profile of an unknown male is found and mixed with two of the victims’ DNA

This clearly supports Hank’s claim from the very beginning because the victims’ blood is not on his hands and he did not commit this crime. It is not a supposition, it is a fact that is now confirmed by the DNA testing and thank you again for making this possible through your donations! But the State of Texas maintains that the results do not challenge Hank’s guilt and that the partial DNA profile has nothing to do with the crimes.

The current legal issue is that Hank must prove that had these results been available at his trial, the jury would not have convicted him. If he wins the current appeal, he will then be allowed to file a writ of innocence. If he loses, he will be executed.

The hearing initially scheduled for November 8th & 9th, 2017 in Pampa, Texas was postponed for technical reasons until January 8th & 9th, 2018. To prepare for this crucial step, the defense team hired two experts for the hearing. We urgently need your help to cover their fees and expenses. The overall costs are not expected to exceed $25,000.

Let’s stick together again for Hank. This is a life and death moment, you are needed NOW! #MakeSomeNoise

Thank you!