Execute at any cost

Texas continues its race against time, a race against life and truth. Innocent people, like Rodney Reed or Hank Skinner, have no choice but to fight on a daily basis for decades to try to prove their innocence in a system that does not value the truth. Execute at any cost

This system is inhumane, indecent and shocking. Yet despite the 166 innocent and released death row inmates in the United States, voters seem to have become accustomed to this situation. Life goes on for some, because for others at the end of the tunnel is the execution that is getting closer in an almost general indifference.

While Hank awaits a decision from the Texas Court of Appeals that will decide his fate, an execution warrant has just been signed for Rodney Reed on November 20, 2019, as he fights to obtain DNA tests that will establish the truth and his innocence. At his side, his family has been fighting for 20 years now to avoid the worst and above all to obtain his release.

In Texas, to execute is more important than seeking the truth, particularly in an election year.

Fighting for justice is not an empty word, so join us and mobilize to defend justice and protect the innocent from an irreversible punishment.

Thank you!

Execute at any cost