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Death row is a lonely and desolate place, a “hell hole” as Hank calls it. On death row since March 1995 and in solitary confinement since June 1999, for Hank mail is a great source of hope and strength.

Writing to him to show your support is essential to his own survival energy. Do not hesitate to drop him a line or pictures you took.

Contact Hank
Contact Hank

You can use the following to write him:

  • Online

As time is of the essence, to contact Hank by e-mail delivered directly to the prison, please go to:


You’ll need to register (it’s free) and then enter Hank’s information – his TDC number must appear as an 8-digit number: 00999143 – there currently is a technical bug with JPay, so if you can’t locate him via his TDCJ number, you can use this one instead: 03304912.

Select “send mail now” – the payment is done online and it’s not more expensive than a stamp.

Email messages through JPay are delivered to him on the same day or the next.

PLEASE ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND POSTAL ADDRESS or Hank will not be able to answer you. JPay messages do NOT show your email address. Thank you!

  • Postal mail

Do not hesitate to address your questions, comments, suggestions and support directly to Hank at the following address:

3872 FM 350 SOUTH
LIVINGSTON TX 77351-8580


For the postal mail, follow the rules: mail must be sent on white paper and in white envelopes. Only paper can be sent, including copies of articles (no complete publications or books as those must come directly from the publisher through a subscription), copies of photographs with a maximum of 10 pictures per envelope, copies of drawings or paintings, etc.

Birthday cards, greeting cards, books, stamps, money, dried flowers or leaves, stickers, perfume, glitter are not allowed.

Thank you for taking the time to show you care!

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