The case of Hank Skinner


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Most of us believe in the principle of justice, even though we all may have differing views regarding what is and what is not just punishment. But what happens when an individual is sentenced for a crime - found guilty by a jury of his or her peers despite the existence of overwhelming evidence to the contrary? What happens when the crime is murder and the sentence death?

YOU CAN DETERMINE WHAT HAPPENS because here is just such a case.

But don't take our word for it .... review the evidence for yourself. Please give your full attention to the contents of this web-site, and then click on How To Help.

When the guilty verdict was passed in this case, Hank Skinner suffered a fatal injury in every sense of the phrase - injurious because his name was tarnished with a murder he could not possibly have committed - fatal because without your help he will certainly be executed.

On December 31st, 1993, Twila Busby and her two sons were brutally murdered in their home in Pampa, Texas. The man who is currently under sentence of death for their murders is Henry Watkins "Hank" Skinner, Twila's live-in partner.

To say that there is only reasonable doubt as to Hank's guilt would be a gross underestimation of the vast amount of available vindication evidence. In order to fully appreciate the "quality" of justice he has received so far, it is necessary to examine some of the key areas of concern pertaining to the investigation of the three murders and the subsequent trial of Henry W. "Hank" Skinner.